Personality Development

All of us are equal. Most human beings have almost everything the same, in terms of the number of ears, eyes, hands, legs, etc. We can talk, walk, read, write and do most of the basic functions. Human beings are on an average very similar and yet there are people who are successful in terms of getting money, popularity, happiness and there are people who feel deprived of them.

We often say he or she is lucky and resign to our fate. It is time we took charge of our life and change it to our benefit. Very few are born with a silver spoon and are mostly not happy with all the riches. A quick research reveals that a person who is successful in anything, from being rich to happy or both, puts in the effort to be so.


Now let us deviate a little from our discussion about why some people are successful people and ask a simple question.

What differentiates a person whom you like from the one you don’t?   

like dislike image

Let us say there are two vegetable vendors, one you like and the others you don’t, for obvious reasons. Whom would you buy from? Unless the one you don’t like has something that you absolutely need, you are going to buy from the vegetable vendor whom you like. It is so straight forward. So which vendor is going to have a bigger stall in the near future? The one you like!!!

We buy from the person we like, we sell to the person we like, we employ the person we like, we work for the person we like; so it all depends on our liking. It is the ‘likable’ quality of a person that makes him/her stand apart.

But does everybody have the same criteria for liking somebody? Yes!!! Unless we are choosing a life partner, where we look for a lot more than a passing smile or just a feel-good factor. When it comes to day to day affairs, there is a universal consensus about who we like.

Now, these people whom we like have a distinct personality that makes us like them. It is their personality that takes them to a position that people envy, calling it luck or chance. Coupled with hard work, a handsome personality can make anybody successful or achieve anything that they wish to.

But sometimes we need a little help to polish our personality so as to develop it into that universally acceptable and likable persona.

I am here to help you in rediscovering yourself, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Moutushi Ghoshdeysarkar
Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer