War of the Realms – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


Kol woke up and saw a dirt ceiling. Ah, yes. He was staying with Gherinmus Hector and his extraordinary apprentice. He shivered, remembering yesterday’s fight. He had gotten pretty close to Hector, but had been certain that Hector would manage to defend himself. When he had gotten within range for a magic punch, he had been elated. Right before the ball of power slammed into him. It couldn’t have been Hector; both of Hector’s hands were in a defensive position. Once he had fallen on the ground, he had noticed the other magical presence. Then he saw the boy standing there, looking dumbfounded. Somehow, the last thing he noticed was Hector standing above him with Earth Magic in both hands. He had had to reintroduce himself to Hector. He had tried hard and failed, to convince him to become king. But he had managed to convince Hector to train him. He was very, very excited. He had nearly forgotten the feel of Earth Magic. He would learn it again, soon. He was, naturally, excited. Best to get up now. He got out of bed and walked outside. It was early, but Hector was already outside. He appeared to be… speed-growing plants?! Kol had thought that was impossible. Or had been, he reminded himself. With Earth Magic, it was possible. Quite possible, in fact. Then he realized that he would learn it soon, and shivered with delight. He really, really wanted his Earth Magic back. He decided to greet Hector. He called, “Hello, Master.” Hector spun around, a blue pulsing shield in one hand and a brown Magicball in the other. He was standing in a defensive position. Kol hadn’t realized it, but he, too, was in a defensive position. He had blue Mage magic in both hands. When Hector realized who it was, he relaxed. Kol relaxed, too. “Kol”, he called out, “I didn’t realize it was you. I am sorry.” “It’s all right, Master.”, Kol said. He had become really nervous. He would have had no chance against Hector if he decided to attack him. He had trained, but based on how powerful Hector had been the last time he had seen him, he would still have no chance. He decided to start out by asking Hector how to unlock his Earth Magic. He asked, “Master, how do we unlock our Earth Magic?” Hector smiled and replied, “It’s quite simple, actually. All you have to do is drink an adapted version of Earthbeat.” “Earthbeat?”, said Kol. “But Earthbeat is given to children!” “Yes, it is, but the main function of it is to give Earth kynd Earth Magic.”, Hector replied. “Oh”, said Kol. “But will it work? I mean, somebody’s got to have tried that by now, right?” “Yes”, replied Hector, “But Earthbeat is usually made by infusing poultice of Gnomroot from Earth Realm with a potion prepared by boiling Fiendroar hair. I discovered that using Gnomroot from Air Realm would give you a weaker form of Earth Magic, but at least it’s something.” Kol nodded. He wholeheartedly agreed. “So, can I have Earthbeat now?”, Kol asked. Hector laughed and replied, “Sure. Come on. I’ll give you some.” And with that, he walked back to his house. Kol followed. Inside, he pulled out a small bottle, filled with a golden yellow liquid. “This”, he said, “Is Earthbeat.” Kol thought it looked quite tasty. He took it from Master Hector and gulped down the entire thing. A second later, he felt the Earth’s tug. He lay down on his stomach and waited for the pull to stop. He then got up and took a new look at his surroundings. He didn’t feel any different, except…

He could feel the Earth’s heartbeat now!

He gasped in joy from the feeling of control over the Earth again. He raised his hand toward a rock and lifted it in the air, twirling it around. He laughed, joyful.

After 15 years, he could use Earth Magic again!

Immediately, however, he noticed several things – one, that the Earth’s heartbeat was much weaker, two, that it was more strenuous than usual to control things, and three, the sound of the Earth’s heartbeat was different. He put it down to what Hector had told him – that Earth magic from the Air Realm was weaker than Earth magic from the Earth Realm. He didn’t care. He had his magic back, and that was that.

Hector laughed. “Very well then. I’ll let you practice your Earth Magic. I’ll just go speed-grow some more Gnomroot. I’ll go to the market later; do you want anything?”

Kol shook his head. He was happy enough here, with his Earth Magic. Hector smiled and headed back to his field. Kol turned around and concentrated on a boulder he lifted it, twirled it, and begin stripping away grains of dust. After some time, he placed his crudely made stone rabbit on the ground. He spotted another boulder and tried again. After 7 tries, he managed to perfect it. He set down his seventh rabbit and turned to find Hector’s apprentice, what’s-his-name, staring at him, slack-jawed. He quickly closed his mouth when he saw him looking, then gulped and said, “How did you do that? That-that-that was amazing!” Kol smiled and said, “I practiced using Earth Magic for 11 years before leaving the Earth Realm.” The boy nodded. Then he said, “I can only do this.” He held out his hand toward a boulder. Then he concentrated. Earth Magic surrounded the boulder and shot it into the sky. It moved so fast, Kol couldn’t quite follow it. He looked up to see the boulder floating 50 feet above his head. He gaped. He had never seen a new Magic-user do that before. He looked at the boy, Derek, he remembered his name was, to see him concentrating hard on the boulder. Kol slipped into his Mage Sight and saw Derek’s body glowing with a tremendous orange-white light, one of the strongest he had ever seen. He looked up to see a thread of magic reaching up to the boulder and surrounding it, holding it up. It was extraordinary. He slipped back to his normal vision. Derek lowered the rock slowly. He didn’t appear to be tired in the slightest. Kol was shocked. The effort would not have winded him, either, but he was trained in using Magic. Derek was not. He was extraordinarily powerful, and that too using Earth Magic from the Air Realm. Kol shook himself and asked, “Have you learned to do anything else?” Derek nodded and held out a hand toward the ground. He pulled the ground up into a mound, then began pulling rocks out of the soil and piling them up on the mound. He then concentrated on the rocks and they began to heat up. Kol could only watch, slack-jawed as the rocks melted into red-hot lava, and the lava formed itself into a pillar, rearing up like a huge snake. Then it cooled, leaving behind a perfectly formed pillar of rock. Kol stared at it. Derek dropped his hand and the faint hint of Earth Magic disappeared. Kol looked at Derek for a few seconds before asking, “Where did you learn how to do that? That was advanced Earth Magic!” Derek shrugged and said, “I didn’t learn it anywhere. I just practiced on my own.” Kol nodded slowly. Then he said, “Why don’t I show you some defensive moves? I’m rather good at them.” Derek smiled and nodded. Kol walked over to a mound of boulders and said, “Let’s start with a shield.”

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