E3PO talks love – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


The last few days have been chaotic. Neel didn’t come home for 4 days. Thank Goodness he has me or else with so many children, well, pets are akin to children… Buck and White Fang just sat on the porch waiting for Neel, I tried coxing them into playing but they just gave me a nudge and made me sit with them. They ate just one meal a day. Impedimenta, the African grey and Cacofonix, the cockatoo, our birds were also sensing the absence and were lying low. Without their cacophony, the house felt empty and dead.

When Neel was finally back home, he was triumphant. After days of toil, he and his team had found the cure. It will be a matter of days now before everything gets back to normal. Appreciations had been pouring in, not only from the CDC and the government but from people world over. Mom and dad had been very anxious ever since the fungi surfaced; they have finally been able to breathe a sigh of relief apart from being very very proud.


This is the first get together of the year at our residence. A whole bunch of scientists, faculties and a few students are coming. And coming is Ms Wilson! Neel is ‘driving me crazy’ with his disquiet. The grounds have been appropriately decorated and furnished. Multiple cuisines are being prepared, desserts have been ordered. We hired a few robo hands for the occasion. The guests are due by seven in the evening.

Neel was to be dressed in an emerald green tuxedo. Mom insisted that he goes green this special evening; otherwise he would have just worn his favourite black suit. It was six and I pushed him that all other things being set he should get ready. He went in and I was on the porch when she drove in.

By Jove, she was looking like a shining star. Her hair was made into a bun that was decorated with artificial flowery clips. Much of her neck and shoulder regions were exposed. The exposed skin looked smooth with no marks or hair. Her lips were deep red as though she had just drunk blood; the mostly bare hands were adorned by a single bracelet. She was clutching onto a small bag called a ‘clutch’. Sienna looked so different from the conference day that I wondered if Neel would recognise her, I for one have a special chip for recognition.

Sienna came towards me with a smile on her amicable face. She softly said, “How do you do Crogy?” I bowed in courtesy and said that I was doing very well and asked about her wellbeing. Though she was talking to me, her eyes were searching for something or precisely, someone…

That, someone, came out in a very well fitted outfit and instantly recognised her to my dismay; I was actually planning a ‘guess who’ moment! As they greeted each other there was a lot of hesitation, they didn’t even shake hands as is usual for humans but am sure Neel must have wanted to hug her if I am in cognizance of his state of mind.

He led her towards the lawn and as they walked away I noted, even though I cannot feel love this must be what love looked like!


The next day and the ones that followed were all about Sienna. She had really ‘grown on him’! But when I enquired about the state of the affair, Neel only managed to give me a smile to indicate that he was working on it. I called mom and told her all about them, she was exceedingly happy but vehemently angry… as Neel was taking so long to open his heart to Sienna.

Life is getting its pace back after a short break from routine. Neel is off to the university in the morning and is back by nightfall. People are happily making house calls and travelling has resumed to its absolute extent. Even mom and dad are planning to pay us a visit shortly. I wonder if pushing Neel is one of the ulterior motives mom has… Good thing it would be!

Tibis called at dinner and Neel looked worried. I enquired but he just said, “Later Crogy.” Sienna called at breakfast and Neel looked worried again. On enquiry, I got the same ‘later Crogy’!

Neel called in the evening to say that he would get late as he was visiting Tibis. I will also make a trip to the city one of these days. The techs excite me if I am getting the right words. I was lost in my thoughts when a car drove in through the driveway. I went out and found a man alighting from his car. I walked towards him; he took out a revolver and shot straight at me.

My reflexes have been tuned to supernormal, thus I moved away in time. He shot again and again, 6 times in all. If he had carried a laser gun, which is what the law enforcement department uses, I would have been dented, might have required a change of parts too. But this relic was too feeble for me. The moment he stopped shooting I ran towards him, he started running too but stumbled and fell. I picked him up and took him inside the house.

He was bleeding from the forehead and had hurt his leg so badly that he could not walk. I attended to his wounds, got him a drink and asked, “May I know why you were shooting at me please?” Just then I heard another drive in… “Let me go prepared for another shoot out while you prepare for an answer dear Sir!”

It was Sienna; she seemed restless and asked about Neel. I invited her into the room where my shooter was supposedly cherishing his drink. Sienna gave a loud shriek as she saw him and took a step back.

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