War of the Realms – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

In fact, Kol had only seen that kind of power once. When he was young, his father had taken him to the training camp in Fort Kirlos. He had been fascinated by defensive spells and survival training. The offense had never been his thing. He had never grown a taste for it, even when he learned sword fighting. He preferred the defensive moves. In fact, he had once won against one of his batchmates in the final skills examination using just defence. He had worn his enemy down by simply defending and had then disarmed him easily. But what he had liked the most in the training field was the survival training. He had enjoyed watching the younger trainees cast simple shields and the practiced masters cast shield lines so powerful they made the area within the boundaries nearly invisible. However, you could feel the magic coming from the boundaries. But one shield had literally made his jaw drop open. General Gherinmus Hector silently entered the field. Everybody immediately stopped whatever they were doing and bowed to him. Everyone except his father. Hector smiled at everyone and then commanded, “Carry on!” Even he had felt like doing something, before realising the order was for the trainees.

Kol had noticed one of the trainees doing exceptionally great offense. He had broken through all of the trainee shields and even some of the master’s shield lines. Hector called him over to train. He then cast a shield line spell. But the power that emanated from the spell had been extraordinary. He had been nearly knocked over by the magic wave coming from the line. Next, an earthquake threatened to sweep him off his feet. But the next moment, a slight tingle of brown magic from his father stopped the earthquake. He looked to General Hector, only to find him not there. He had gone completely invisible. He had slipped into his Mage Sight to see the remaining traces of a large, purple barrier that curved toward the top. The barrier disappeared before his eyes. Before it disappeared completely, Kol had seen a shadow of Hector’s magic, and even then, it had been overwhelming.

The trainee gathered his magic and fired a huge bolt toward Hector. The bolt simply allowed them to see vibrations along the shield dome. Suddenly, the dome blasted the trainee back. The trainee managed to get to his feet. He then called up a tremendous amount of magic; Kol could feel it even without his Mage Sight. He held his brown Earth Magic, a huge ball of it, in one hand, and then he called up his Mage Magic and held the white ball in the other hand. Then he smashed the two together and fired a huge beam of Ilhambra’s power at the shield. The shield just trembled a little. And then it fired back. The trainee barely had time to fling up a shield to block the huge beam the shield line-dome released. Even then, it flung him back toward the wall of the center. Some sort of magical buffer spell was the only thing stopping him from becoming a pancake. Kol had been amazed at the spell’s power. He had never seen anyone with that powerful a defensive spell before. In fact, he had never seen or heard of a power surge of that scale, or someone capable of causing such a surge, ever again.

Until now.

There was no doubt; Gherinmus Hector was here. And for some reason, he was shielding something – or someone.

Kol had barely realised this when a wave of power rolled over him. Kol sucked in a breath as he realised he had been right. But just then, the earthquake started. Without his Earth Magic or enough power to stop this earthquake, he couldn’t do anything. But… wait! Yes! He could do something. He held out his hand and called for his sword. “Aglurs Derman Ardus Meli”, he chanted, calling his sword, Ardus. A moment later, a rift opened and his sword rushed straight to his hand. Calling up his Mage Magic, he filled it into the sword, causing the sword to glow orangish brown. His sword, Ardus, was one of the few capable of converting Mage Magic to Earth Magic, along with Ferrad and Juglir, both of which were now lost. He plunged his sword into the ground and released the Earth Magic, calming the earthquake. As the shudders stopped, Kol released a breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. “So,”, he said slowly, “An Earth Mage still lives.” And without really thinking about it, he decided to see if he could find Hector. He called to his charioteer to ready the chariot; he was going to find General Hector, whether Hector wanted to be found or not. He had to. If there was some chance of regaining the Earth People’s power over the Earth, he would have to find it.

He set off on his chariot toward the source of the wave, thinking about what he would say.

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