War of the Realms – Chapter 5

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WOR_C5Chapter 5

Derek was confused. Noticing his confusion, his Master said, “Ilhambra’s power is named after the Mage who first discovered it, Ilhambra Maxmillan. He was the third Maximus emperor’s cousin. You see, Emperor Fenoxillius, the first Maximus Emperor, had two children – a son and a daughter. His daughter was not interested in ruling, so the crown went to his son, Hedogillius Maximus. His son was Jijozillius Maximus, the third Maximus Emperor. However, Emperor Fenoxillius’ daughter was married to a noble, a descendant of Chief Rellius Maximus, Emperor Fenoxillius’ great-great-great-great-grandfather.”

Derek asked, “Who was he?”

Hector said, “He was the first of the Maximus line. He claimed descent from Gildar Magigester. Apparently, he was a direct descendant of Gildar’s younger son, Killoso Magigester. He changed his name from Rellius Magixes to Rellius Maximus to set himself apart from his cousin, Hillius Magixes, who was guilty of several crimes. By killing his cousin, he set himself up as Chief of the Walla tribe, to which he belonged. His great-great-great-grandson, Chief Ghertillius Maximus sowed the dream of world conquest in his son, Fenoxillius Maximus.

Under him, and Fenoxillius, the Walla tribe produced a huge army, which began subjugating the tribes around them. Every tribes’ chieftain had a gem, granting him the power to rule. Every tribe that was subjugated had to hand over their gem. Using Earth Magic, Ghertillius combined the gems, to get even greater power. When his father was killed fighting 10 men at once, Fenoxillius took the gem from his father. With its power, Fenoxillius took over the entire Earth Realm. Then, he began to subjugate the other realms. Finally, combining all the gems he had obtained, he created the emperor’s gem.

But he realized that he could not hold such power on his own, so he made three more parts of it, such that there was one part for each element. As each element was divided, the emperor’s gem took on the other elements. Finally, there was a fire gem, a water gem, an air gem, and an emperor’s gem-cum-earth gem. With this, the Empire was born.” Hector paused for breath. “Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Ilhambra’s power. Ilhambra was the son of Fenoxillius’ daughter and a noble named Freejin Maxmillan. He was the commander in chief of Jijozillius’ army. He fought a great battle with the Battle Mages of Kildarda, a province in the Earth Realm. They were trying to forge their own independent state.

All 5 leaders of the rebellion were Master Battle Mages. They had destroyed all three regiments Emperor Jijozillius had thrown at them. With the heavy loss of 12000 soldiers, Emperor Jijozillius had been forced to retreat. However, his commander-in-chief, Ilhambra, had convinced him to let Ilhambra battle the Mages. Ilhambra set off with 1 regiment of 4000 soldiers, 200 Battle Mages and 40 Master Mages. The soldiers all attacked the enemy camp, but most were killed quickly by the Battle Mages. However, they did manage to make a dent in the enemy army. Next, the Mages tried battling the Kildarda Mages. They were able to survive for much longer and at the end of the day, two Kildarda Mages were dead and there were 100 Mages left, including 30 Master Mages.

They had also managed to take out most of the army. But the next day, Ilhambra’s army was routed. Most of the Mages were dead, their number then being down to 30, including 12 Master Mages. Only 2 Kildarda Mages were left and their army was mostly gone. Ilhambra realized he would have to think of an innovative method to defeat them. He decided to try to harness both his Earth Magic and his Mage Magic at the same time. To his surprise, the two forms of magic combined, but the resulting magic’s colour wasn’t brown, like Earth Magic, or white, like Mage Magic. It was orange. He tried to fire his bolt of power onto a rock. The rock nearly vaporized. He was elated.

The next day, Ilhambra faced off against the Kildarda Mages, while the other Mages faced off against the rest of the enemy army. He once again called upon the extraordinary power he had used the last night. The Kildarda Mages’ mage shield couldn’t block the extremely powerful bolt. It broke right through their combined shield, but it was too weak after passing through the shield to hit them. The next bolt Ilhambra used killed both the mages. And that his how the Kildarda rebellion was suppressed. But the power Ilhambra used – a combination of Earth Magic and Mage Magic – came to be called Ilhambra’s power.”

Derek asked, “So… my orange shield was made out of Ilhambra’s power. But… how did I lift the rock that high?” Hector answered, “You see, all kynds naturally have elemental magic. But not everyone is born a Mage. Mages not only have Mage magic; their elemental Magic is also stronger. You are a Mage. That is why your magic is so strong.” Master Hector sighed. He said, “I think that’s enough for one day. We’ll practice again tomorrow. For now, you can run off and play. But don’t cross the white circle. It protects our clearing and renders it invisible. Derek promised he wouldn’t cross the circle.

Derek ran off into the woods. He began exploring the forest surrounding the clearing. Suddenly, he felt a powerful tug of magic. He moved toward the source of the magic to see a white circle with a shimmering purple barrier rising from it. He marvelled at the humongous amount of magic in the barrier. He focussed on the white circle and the barrier it created. He reached into his magic and poured it into the barrier. As soon as his magic made contact with the barrier, he felt a jolt running through him. The pounding of the Earth reached a fever pitch. He opened his eyes and saw a huge amount of power in front of him, as a huge defensive shield rose out of the ground. It looked like a wall, except it curved upwards and met at a point above the forest. It was translucent and purplish in color. Then he saw his own hand, and he gasped.

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